Fresh Poultry

We have a variety of chicken cuts available. We source and cut the chicken daily.

Maryland-Web-Lge Maryland Chicken
 Thigh-on-Bone-Web-Lge Thigh On Bone With Skin On
 Drumsticks-Web-Lge Drumsticks
Wings-Web-Lge Wings
Breast-Web-Lge Chicken Breast (Skin Off)
Thigh-Fillets-Web-Lge Chicken Thigh fillet (Skin Off)
Thigh-on-Bone-Web-Lge Thigh Cutlets With Skin On
Tenderloins-Web-Lge Chicken Tenderloins
Drumettes-Web-Lge Drumettes
Mid-Wings-Web-Lge Mid Wings
image Wingettes
image Chicken Ribs


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